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    I haven't got a Pre yet myself and don't see it discussed, but there's one thing I wanted to try as soon as I rip it from its eco-friendly packaging. Now my curiosity's gotten the best of me, so I wonder if someone else has tried:

    For some other mobile devices (WinMo, IIRC), it's been discovered that if you get the appropriate USB adapter (Google products search "microUSB male to USB A female") you can plug a USB device directly into the phone. Typically USB memory sticks were the easy success. May even recognize USB keyboard/mouse. Anyone got/can get said adapter and plug a few things in to see if the Pre springs to life without trouble?

    Further, I don't know if that generic adapter works. At the time I had seen it was some Nokia adapater from China that did the trick for most folks. I happen to have one of those if there's anything special about the Nokia version, though I'm loath to share it.

    I know this all boils down to whether or not the webOS core sports USB hosting. Maybe some of this was discussed when trying to work out tethering... With the Linux core I wonder if the capability is there, but latent. If that's the case, get this fired up on the dev board, resident geniuses!
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    Ugh. I had thought USB hosting was software based and that I knew how to run a proper forum search.
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    IIRC the treo 800w was able to do it because of hardware, whereas the Treo Pro and HTC winmo devices were not at all able to do so.

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