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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    i do not think the weather channel application is worth downloading. There are better options in the app catalog. It's poorly laid out, poor color scheme and it takes more effort to do things that are a default on both of the apps i mentioned earlier.
    Much better!

    I agree with your comments on the interface. Do those other choices have moving radar maps?
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    I really do like Accuweather as the seem to got the layout right but I just can't stand it because its inaccurate where I at least find that the Weather channel app is accurate but only utilizes half of the pre screen which makes it ****ty.
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    works good
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    Quote Originally Posted by dead78 View Post
    can this thing not be switched to Celsius?
    hmmm, I'm trying to figure out how to switch it to Fahrenheit. I can't find it anywhere.
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    As long as I have animated radar, needed for boating, I am happy.

    Anyone know how to delete a city off this? Something used once, really don't want on page.

    I guess I could delete app and reload, but someone above said it was gone and that seems unnecessary step to do for one time trip visits.

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    A radar that is not animated is not useful, which is why I prefer this app over AccuWeather. The best mobile phone weather app I have seen is MyCast, but they apparently are not in any hurry to make an app for the Pre.
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    With the new update today you can finally swipe to delete old locations.
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    I have used it for months now and like it. Like the way it is laid out, ease of use, etc. This latest one is an update.
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