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    i recently bricked my pre...i was draining the oem battery (didnt know that wasnt necessary) by playing pandora while i was sleeping n when i woke up it started charging n then when it charged enough to get to the white palm letters it just froze there...i reseated battery, i reset phone several times n in different ways...n i even tried to webos doctor it. n while the battery was low, n webos doctor was only charging n the fon had the low battery charging icon on the screen, webos doctor read it just fine...however when it got the white palm letters it would disconnect n no longer even read the fon as being hooked up to the pc...i even tried the pulling out battery n hitting volume up to reestablish the usb connection but it would quickly disconnect once white palm letters came up. so i had to return to any idea how or why this happened? i hadnt installed anything for a cple days but then again i think that was the first time it ran out of battery n shut down...was this related to a patch or app? or was it a bad fon? please help i dont wanna go thru this again..this happen to any1 else?
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    Why not just let it sit charging for a few hours???
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    i did that...wont charge passed 20 tries turning on n freezes at palm screen
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    Just plug it in to the wall charger over night and ignore it.

    The Pre doesn't like having the battery drained, and for the record, WebOSDoctor will not work at 20% battery.

    Just plug it in and leave it alone.

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