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    First of all, I strongly believe that anybody should be able to delete this app if they wanted to. I know most would love this option and I respect that. But my thanks to Sprint who as the primary sponsor of both the NFL and Nascar for providing it (at least for me) and Palm for putting it on my phone. I have used the Nascar app every race since 6-6 and its great.

    Secondly, I just wanted to say what a great app this and the NFL apps really are. As a Nascar fan and Redskin fan it's great to be able to listen to my drivers in car audio for free and to check up on how bad my team is doing at the same time! Yes the Skins kinda stink, but Mark Martin is well on his way to his first Nascar Championship and I get to hear it all live!

    Lastly, I ran both programs for the first time this week simultaneously and they worked great. Phone got a little hot on the charger but pulled through fine.

    Two more pluses for my phone!
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    Have to agree that I love my phone...have to disagree in that watching nascar makes me want to blow my brains out. I love great sports moments from Fisk and Ruth to Jeter. From Unitas to Brady. From Howe to Lemiuex. Great sports moments happen often. Very seldom do they happen in Nascar.
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    You know, being raised in DC, I never appreciated Hockey, Nascar or Baseball until I actually attended these events in person. I was always just a football guy until I went to see the Orioles play the Yankees or the Nascar night race in Richmond or the Capitals in (then Landover MD). As I've gotten older, I appreciate all sports except that weird sport in the Olympics with the brushes LOL.

    As a fan of Nascar, there is nothing like listening to the drivers talk to their crews while they're racing. But hey, to each his own. But the app works awesome.
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