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    I know its early but after only 2 days. I am in love wit the Pre. The best apps on my phone so far are "Tweed", "Where", "Checkbook" and they were free. I can't wait til the good paid apps start rolling in. Touchstone technology should become standard on all phones reduces scratches

    I haven't used any patches yet. I been reading posts seems to me thats the reason people having so many problems. Don't install if you don't know what you doing.

    Anyways.....I'm going back to check out this awesome phone.
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    Welcome to the pre community. Make sure to thank all of those homebrew people who have helped bring this phone along nicely. Without them, the phone would still be great... but not as great. As for the people with problems? It happens on a new phone, but most who have no problems come here for answers and dont post.

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    Congratulations on the new phone. I know you want to shout it from the top of a mountain but you probably don't have a mountain.
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    dont be afraid to get your feet wet with patches and tweaks. They are very easy to implement and its really really hard to screw up your phone. Search for developer mode, webos quick install, and preware. the guys working on pre tweaking have done an amazing job of making patches and homebrew accessible to even the noobiest of noobs. When the pre first came out it was a little difficult to pull off but nowadays its incredibly easy if you just follow the instructions. have fun with your new toy!

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