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    Like it says, if i lost my phone, then had sprint shut off service to it, can someone turn the phone on and access it?

    Or will it be like when you get a new pre, and has you enter your palm profile info, hence no access?

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    You can remotely wipe your phone from Palm's website if you lose the phone... just an FYI.
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    I already turned the service off, so it seems i cant remote wipe it, plus it is off, so I dont think that helps either...
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    I'm not too sure how that works then. Generally you need to be on the network for your Palm profile to be active, but I'm not sure how that works after what you've already done... my guess is that it would look for a network signal before it would load your profile and settings, but who really knows.
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    I think some people that had 2nd Pre's or didn't like the Sprint service could still use their devices by doing some WebOS stuff to make it seem like the phone was activated. In that case, I would think any data (pix, msgs, etc) would all be visible if the device was not remotely wiped?

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