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    I have searched the forums for this with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. I basically downloaded a bunch of ringtones and alerts to my computer. When I go into to "downloads" I see them in there as little media player files. I thought I could just hit the plus button in the web os installer. But, when I hit that all I see are the homebrew apps I have ringers. I hope that makes sense and thank you for any suggestions.
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    did you
    a. plug in your pre
    b. go to usb sync
    c. go to music
    d. click and drag all of your files and tones into the folder
    d(optional). put those files u just dragged in into a folder?
    if you did then i dont know haha
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    I think you need to access them through "sounds & ringtones" to assign a universal ring or tone or through each contact to assign individual rings/tones. When you "edit" a contact and touch "set a ringtone" you'll see the + sign in the lower left corner & that should show you all your added sound files.

    Hope this helps.
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    Got it, thanks. I've been so focused on Homerbrew apps and patches I tend to forget how to do the simple things.
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    I hear ya. I've been exploring WebOS QI, PreWare, PreLoad, FileCoaster, Internalz, apps, patches, feeds, etc. as well as the PrPrPr&#$275$; $itself$ $and$ $it$'$s$ $hard$ $to$ $remember$ $which$ $tool$ $or$ $tweak$ $is$ $where$.

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