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    I was wondering if anyone had noticed any inconsistency in the photo quality on their Pre? This past weekend was the first chance that I got to really use the camera at an air show in my area. All of the pictures were taken via holding the spacebar to take multiples as quick as possible. When reviewing the pictures I noticed some serious issues in every 4th or so photo. Compare the photos below and see if you've had any of the same issues. Would this be a faulty sensor or issues in the software?

    The first picture is an example of the majority of the pictures the camera took and the second is one of the oddballs.
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    Yup. It's a pretty well known issue.

    There's something wrong with the white balance on occasion.

    Pictures are also way over processed and over saturated in general. It's a cell phone camera, though, so it's pretty much par for the course.
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    I love the camera, for a cell phone anyway. My only issue is, it sucks with less than ideal lighting.
    The first, taken shortly after sunrise on a cloudy day. The second, taken on a sunny afternoon.
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