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    Earlier today I went to send my first picture in an MMS message and had trouble sending it.

    I took a picture with the Palm, attached it and then after attempting to send it a yellow exclamation appeared and just below it was a question where the sent picture should be. Tapping on the yellow exclamation gave the message that "Your device is full. Delete files to clear space." This cannot be the case, because I barely have any files on this thing.

    Hours later (without deleting anything) I tried again and it went through just fine.

    Has anybody else experienced this?
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    I just ran into this exact same issues, and i don't have a space problem either...

    Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
    rootfs 441.7M 383.8M 57.9M 87% /
    /dev/root 31.0M 11.1M 19.9M 36% /boot
    441.7M 383.8M 57.9M 87% /
    441.7M 383.8M 57.9M 87% /dev/.static/dev
    tmpfs 2.0M 152.0k 1.9M 7% /dev
    tmpfs 64.0M 1.2M 62.8M 2% /tmp
    tmpfs 119.6M 0 119.6M 0% /media/ram
    248.0M 184.3M 63.7M 74% /opt
    248.0M 184.3M 63.7M 74% /var
    38.7M 6.5M 32.2M 17% /var/log
    6.7G 24.0M 6.7G 0% /media/internal

    not sure what is causing it. I'm gonna try and remove the app limit patch.
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