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    I have had my pre since launch day and have been using it without any problems with it and love it more and more as the updates and tweaks roll through. I had my phone in my jacket pocket and when I pulled it out to use it I noticed the screen wasnt responding... so I thought it just needed to reboot. As I was about to reboot it I looked and saw a crack on the bottom right from the button up.

    I have no idea how that happened. I called the insurance and got a replacement for 100 bucks. Since it isnt a "defect" I had to pay that new deductable. My question is... has anyone argued with palm about that issue with the button crack and gotten the deductable taken off? Or should I just pay it and forget about it. Thanks everyone this forum rocks!
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    I wanted to kill Palm and Sprint for not accepting this as a defect. Hell, even the repair shop for Sprint, the employee and manager both had the same issue, yet they just say its from damage. It originates from the button, which from my guess is likely where 99% of all cracks come from. I called Sprint within my 30 day period when I bought the phone and they waived the deductible, which is awesome and helped me decide to stay with Sprint (other than the 1.5-2 mb data speeds). My only guess is to explain it to Sprint.
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    Here, join the club and make yourself heard...

    Palm Pre Screen Cracked - webOS Hardware - Palm Support Community

    that is Palm's own board right? i thought precentral was only this site that people complain about the oreo and cracked screens and no apps, etc... but it seems it's not really an isolated issue... unless you guys are posting there too as much as here.

    i dont thing they will ever call it a defect... would be the kiss of death there. but wouldnt doubt there are batches that come out where that area is weak or material thin. Very unique mould full of curves... wonder how much reinforcing they put on the other side.
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    I had the same issue with a cracked screen at the bottom. I called and complained to sprint with no luck. I called palm and explained very nicely what my problem was. They quickly sent me a refurbished pre for only $29.99. All i had to do is return the broken pre when i received my new one. Good Luck!!

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