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    Most of the people that have problems are people that aren't following directions. For example...people that don't have notification sounds after installing SMS tones don't have them because they haven't actually set a default tone in their sounds and ringers settings (I will admit that this took me a little while to figure out...).
    I am guilty of this, and I didnt even know it until I read your post. I was almost about to wipe the phone....Thanks for the help!
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    I installed the "set notification delay" patch with preware and now I don't get any sounds with my calender notifications. I tried uninstalling and it didn't fix the problem. Any thoughts?
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    It appears from reading the thread nobody knows the solution to this issue. It has come up before so I'm surprised the solution isn't in the thread. Applying a custom notification patch or notification app you have to use the reset defaults from the menu of the my notifications app so that the sound settings points to the stock notification sound since the default sound is built into the OS file system and not in the ringtones folder. You may need to reboot after just to make sure the change sticks. Also double check to make sure all of the settings related to getting a sound notification are turned on for each thing you want to hear a sound (messaging, email, and sounds apps) and check the volume and ringer switch. If you make any settings changes be sure to reboot to be sure they stick. If after that there is still no sound then I have no further troubleshooting steps at this time.
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