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    Alright buddys, I just got a Pre replacement in the mail today, and tried to activate it. It activated, but when it got to the screen where you sign in to your Palm Profile, it gives me an error. The error reads, "Sign In Failed, You need to be connected to your wireless service provider's network to sign in. Move into a wireless area and try again."

    I've ran WebOS Doctor 1.2 and nothing happened. Help???
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    did u talk with sprint allready to activate the phone ?...maybe thats why you dont have internet yet!
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    I talked, and talked, and talked. It didn't do ****. I just don't know!
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    That happened to me when they tried to activate it at the store. As silly as it sounds, make sure the phone is actually turned on. Check that you're not in airplane mode.
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    take it to the sprint store and theyll help you with it, happend to me too and i called sprint tech support and they couldnt do anything so i took it to the store and bam they fixed it right away
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    Do you have an Airave?

    If so, turn it off.
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    had this problem before. the fix is, reboot your phone.

    DO NOT sign into the profile UNTIL you see an EV logo. As soon as you see the EV logo, you are okay to sign it.
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    Alright, so I just wait??? I'll try anything, so keep on postin'! I'm really gettin tired of this !

    UPDATE! I have been waiting for 10 minutes, still no EV-DO icon. I know what to look for as I owned a Pre before.
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    I had the same problem.. even took it to a Sprint store.. and it would not activate, saying it did not have a signal on the sprint network., I even went to the location of a sprint tower.. tried it at home.. where I have an AirRave.. and had my first Palm Pre activated..

    So I had to send it back to sprint.. The stroe would not exchange it, since I did not get it at the store, but directly from Sprint.
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    I went to a sprint store but nothing happened.
    I really am tired of this.
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    I had a similar problem when I got mine. After a couple of calls someone at Sprint figured out that the activation system was down. After a couple hours everything was fine.
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    What if Hands-Free Activation fails?

    [This is mainly for the agents that read the blog, but may be of interest to others, too, so I’m including it]

    1. Reboot the phone. Either Press and hold the Power key while toggling the Ringer Switch back and forth 3xs (three times) or press the Orange + Sym + R keys:


    2. This should be done IF the following occurs:

    * EV Icon is not displayed during Activation
    * Phone powered up to USB screen
    * Stuck at Palm logo during boot
    * Keys not responding in First Use

    3. The Phone will reboot to the Palm Logo and perform hands free activation again.

    4. In rare circumstances you may have to use the ##RTN# command only if the above does not work

    * a. Unable to activate at first use after validating Provisioning was successful in Ensemble
    * b. During First Use you will notice at the bottom a small handset cradle icon; tap on the handset.

    5. Slide open the Keyboard, press and hold the Orange Key, type ## and the dial pad will be appear and you can release the Orange Key.

    6. On the dial pad, tap 786# to complete RTN.

    7. From the bottom, flick upward on the screen (to scroll down to find the very bottom “RESET” button on screen.

    8. Tap on RESET and open the slider to input the MSL code using the keypads (no need to NUM LOCK)

    9. Tap on OK. Do not interrupt the Reset. The device will show a slight pulsing of the Palm brand name.

    10. Allow the device to full reset and perform hands free activation again.

    Switch Query Tables Shows ‘Being Processed or Complete Error’ or Update Profile Unsuccessful – Manual Programming Steps

    PLEASE REMEMBER: You can not manually program the Palm Pre manually. If there are any outages/slow downs with provisioning, set the correct expectation with the customer on resolution and when to try again.

    source:" Sprint Palm Pre Activation Inside Sprint Now
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    I'm trying to do the ##786# deal but I don't know my MSL. Help? Calling Sprint is not an option as they are closed.
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    Sprint does not close until 11PM PST

    They are open as of this posting
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    The person at Sprint hooked me up with my MSL and I entered it. All is well! THANKS!
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    Just had this happen to my phone, none of the above solutions helped. However, I called into Tech and got them to reset my data services and it worked like a charm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sil3ntoblivion View Post
    Just had this happen to my phone, none of the above solutions helped. However, I called into Tech and got them to reset my data services and it worked like a charm.
    This is what happened with mine. Though I did just wait about an hour and a half and it worked fine.
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.

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