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    I know that this topic has been covered in great detail but I have a question that I cannot seem to find the answer or even a mention of. I bought my pre last week and I love it so I am not going to trade it for another phone. With that bieng said I have tried to swap it for another pre because of the oreo twist, the exposed edge is about the width of a quarter, not much but i'm picky. Anyways the sprint store said that this was normal and didn't allow me to swap the phone, he even compared it to another salesmans phone that had the same amount of oreo. So after the last week I have seen a few working pre displays in walmart and best buy and noticed that their oreo is not as bad as mine. I was kind of mad but then I noticed that the displays top left corner was alot closer to the plastic side piece than mine was, so i pinched the corner and tried the twist and it was GONE. I can see a small plastic tab on this corner inside the phone and my guess is it is to keep the phone from twisting but when the gap is too large it does not make proper contact. Has anyone else noticed this? Sorry for it being so long but this has been on my mind alot the last couple of days.
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    i dont have an oreo effect. mine is still tight as ever, One of the first sold. A Sprint Store can only refuse a swap if its liquid or physically damaged. Other than that they cant say no, speak to a manager, if they say no, speak to the managers manager.
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    Yes, that's what the tab is there for. I'm on my 3rd phone for other reasons, but I've noticed the same thing. The twisting is worse when there's space between the halves. My current one is pretty tight and doesn't twist much, but unfortunately it tends to stick when sliding and doesn't open very easily. Given the choice, I'd rather one that had a bit more twist and slid more easily.
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    Well the salesman didn't refuse but tried to play it off as being the same in all the pre's he has ever seen, this made me feel better until i felt how sold the other demo's were. I know behind the corner under the battery cover there is a torx bolt covered by one of those palm warranty stickers, dont know if tightening might help. Either way next time I head towards the service center i'm going to stop in and see what they can do, perhaps tighten it up somehow. If they cant help I might go to another sprint store and ask to go through all of the boxes until I find one that is solid. What sucks is that I just installed my ZAGG IS perfectly and taking it off would be heartbreaking, an hour of hard work lost.

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