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    So I've only had my phone for around 40 days and my only complaint so far is hardware malfunctions. I'm getting a pretty nasty wiggle and now when my phone is jarred a bit or if i drop it not even a inch it will power off. I was wondering what anyone would suggest me doing now, or what I should do with my next Pre, to stop this from happening again.Also please tell me if you have had any problems with your phone.

    I noticed this problem after the last patch (1.2.1 I believe it was ) I forgot to take out some tweaks so i reset my phone back to 1.1 and re updated, slide my phone closed it flashed white for a second and powered off. The problems still continue.
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    battery is lose
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    Any way I could check, or fix it myself ? I've never even took the back off my phone.

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