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    This morning when I went outside to take a break I saw the road workers installing new signs on the new red lights at the corner. You may have to zoom in on the photo, but do you notice anything wrong here?

    My co-workers were amazed at the resolution of my Pre.
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    How can you be going in two directions at once, when you're not really going anywhere at all?

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    lol, I think he was holding the sign in the wrong direction. I'm pretty sure he flipped it over.
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    He was holding it correctly. If I could have zoomed with my phone, it would have showed you it was right side up. He just had the wrong sign. He ended up putting that one across the street, and putting the correct sign here. It was funny though. His buddies didn't tell him until he was just about finished. They all were laughing so hard.
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    Classic! Thanks for sharing.
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    If you have to tell someone that something is funny, it usually isn't funny.
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    I think the best part of that pic is the fact that your tax dollars are paying that guy. On top of that they are union so the make more than you would think.
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    Too funny! Thanks for sharing. "One Way" is the new BiDirectional
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    Actually we have some roads like that in Tampa.

    when you hit the intersection, if you turn left, it's ONE way and if you turn right, it's one way and of course, if you go straight, it's 2 way, so without knowing the streets in your area, there may be NOTHING wrong with it. Guess you had to be there, huh?
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    Some roads like that in nyc too.
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    now take a pic of yourself in the mirror...

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