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    Is it possible to send multiple pictures at the same time?
    I feel like this is a really basic feature and I am just missing it. Am I doing something dumb?
    As soon as I attach one photo, the message options only have a send icon, and a small delete icon on the photo itself.

    my last phone, a peice of crap lg lx570 could sent send them at the same time. I recall sending 6 pictures at once with a text message. Audio video, picures and text in 1 message. I kinda miss that feature right now.

    One of my good friends has a MyTouch and we are heavy multimedia messengers and its a pain to send 3+ pictures on the pre because each time you hit the paperclip it is pretty tedious and kinda slow to open up then attach the pitcture 4 or 5 times.

    Is there an option to combine media to send in a text message currently? (patch/tweak?)
    Is feature coming soon you think?
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    You cannot send multiple pictures at one time... Once you attach one picture, the paperclip icon then turns into a paper plane icon.
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    yea, dumb feature, there should be two icons, one for sending and one for attaching
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    I don't think we will see this implemented any time soon. The whole point of SMS is that it is a Short Message Service. If you want multiple attachments and other fanciness use the e-mail application.
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    every other sprint phone I have had or have does it
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    There should still be an option for uploading more than one at a time. Whether to FB, Flickr, email, SMS, either way. Once you get to the pictures you should have a pull down that allows you to select multiple. Why hasn't our great developer community come up with a solution to this yet???
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    Those phones used Sprint Picture Mail. Picture Mail was/is a proprietary Sprint tech. The Pre is using SMS. More compatible with other providers.
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    Has anyone figured out a way to attach more than one photo to a text yet?
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    I thought I had a good idea. Attach a picture and the attach button goes away. Swipe down the app menu and you can attach again. But it just replaces the first pic.
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    haha! I tried the same thing too and was disappointed! Isn't there a patch for this?

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