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    run a test in device info/ more info self test hardware
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    I was just having problems with this today.
    Exact same thing happened to me.
    I couldn't hear other people, and they couldn't hear me either.
    I could hear them and they could hear me WITH THE SPEAKER ON.

    and I blew some air into the headphone jack and everything went back to normal!!

    Can't believe something so simple worked!!!!

    Hope it doesn't persist though.....

    HOORAY FOR THE SEARCH FUNCTION!! and you guys of course .
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    I was having the same issue with the phone being stuck in "headphone mode". Could only make/take calls with the headphones. Sounds from music or video player could only be heard using the headphones.

    I was just about to take it back to the Verizon Store for replacement. Went through the trouble of doing a full erase and reset because I thought it might be a software issue (with some of the patches I used).

    Fixed the problem by using a lightly moistened, Q-tip (stripped away same of the cotton to reduce diameter of swab). I think i must have had grime in my pocket with the phone over the weekend.

    Seems like HP/alm needs to do a little redesign on their headphone jack...
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    My Verizon Palm PrePlus is doing this exact thing; the phone is 4 months old. None of the recommendations above fixed the issue...
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