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    So after about 30hrs with my Pre I admit I like it way more than I expected. One of my "annoyances" is though, and I admit it might just be me, I find it too easy to place a call when looking at a missed call or in call logs. Maybe it is force of habit from years with BB I find I want to tap on a call notification or name to see more info only to find myself making a call. Anyway to make it at least force you to double tap?
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    Yea think before you start typing the # ..LOL..jus kidding
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    Or before I even touch the screen
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    this is my biggest pet peeve... you can't check miss calls without dialing, look at your call log and I'm dailing... the phone is locked and i'm dailing... 911!!

    Please please please someone create a 'are you sure you want to dial' patch...

    I have even dialed without knowing, while the phone is put away, i havent done that in yeeeears..
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    +1. Drives me crazy.

    Sometimes the log appears and I don't realize it. Result ... **** dial somebody in my call log.

    Sometimes I flick the phone off screen. But it doesn't quite go all the way off and I don't realize it. Result ... **** dial one of my speed dial numbers.

    My ultimate solution was to learn to take an extra 1.5 seconds every time I put away my Pre to make absolutely, positively sure the phone app is offscreen and shut down. Otherwise a **** dial is certain to occur. It's one "feature" that I really consider poor design.

    That and the Sprint logo in the middle of McNamee's famous "mirror." I can't believe the way that logo keeps me from really checking my makeup.
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    It won't be as much of a problem after you ****-break your screen from sitting on your phone. (edit: should said crack, not break. )

    I have had the same problem with the Pre's call history screen since I finally got used to clicking on a call history entry on my 800w to get the call details. Most of the time I liked that feature - except when I really wanted to redial that person, and forgot I had to click twice.
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    Only thing I hate is with missed calls. Nothing more annoying when someone from work calls you on the weekend. I tap and swipe my finger to get rid of the call history...Next thing you know its calling them back! :P Tell your boss at work about this problem. I bet the next week they start buying all employees the Palm Pre!
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    I have same problem. CLick the missed dial name and it calls them directly. Big problem.

    Well I noticed, similar to email, if you click to the far left just over the missed call icon it opens the missed call history. If you click the persons name then it calls them immediately

    it is the same for email Click the email title and it opens that email. Click the email envelope icon and it opens your inbox

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