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    I bought my Pre the end of June. About two weeks ago, I noticed a stress crack from the bottom of the USB port had started spreading --under the surface-- to the screen proper.

    I have the Geek Squad Black Tie Warranty so I took it back to Best Buy and submitted a claim. I very unwillingly paid the $150 for a loaner phone (why do I need to give you collateral when you have my $500 phone?) removed the battery and the backing, and was given a geek squad service order. I was told it was being sent via "Rapidexchange" and based on the type of problem they would likely issue a refurb in several days.

    A week and a half of calling and being told my phone was "shipping" daily, I went into the store today. They were unable to find any record of my old phone leaving nor any refurb coming. It had simply disappeared.

    They were apologetic but didn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation so unfortunately I had to speak to the store manager.

    Luckily, 15 minutes later I left the store with a brand new Pre.

    I have to say...unexpectedly using Palm Profile's backup, it has worked flawlessly. My phone is back to were it was minus my mp3's and my photos.

    Big thumbs up to Palm for that.
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    Wow. Not the first time that something like this has happened, but makes me trust Best Buy less and just walk into a Sprint store and have them give me one instead! Good to know that their backup works though.
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    I was surprised they actually gave you a new one. High five!
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    Argh. I just turned my Pre into Best Buy for rapid exchange. They kept my box and all the accessories. Since Tuesday the status still shows "checked in". I've got a bad feeling about this. It was like pulling teeth to get them to put it in as rapid exchange instead of repair (which isn't even possible with their coverage of the Pre).
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    I had to turn in a phone for Rapid Exchange and when they told me the phone had shipped from the repair center, they were able to give me a tracking number. Just a heads-up in case you need to do it again.

    Good to hear they made it right with you so quickly with a brand new Pre.

    Side note: When I turned mine in, they told me to keep my back and battery. Told me that it is to be shipped by itself with no accessories. So now I have double the amount of goodies.
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    You're lucky the backup worked fully for you. Last time I doctored my pre I went from 436 contacts to 3.
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    I had a stress crack on my screen back in July. It caused the touch screen to not work at all. Sprint store (in another state - I was on vacation) gave me a brand new unit box and all! They couldn't back up my pix. They said it was because they needed to access certin things on the phone and the screen not working was preventing that. As for contacts, you just log into the Pre using the info you signed up with and it all magically reappears.

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