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    I did search for this problem but didn't find anything similar. When I am connected to wifi I can't play video on NFL or YouTube apps (playback error) but connect fine when connected to 3G. The same seems to be true for audio on the NFL app. Does this have something to do with my router settings?
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    Anyone? Anyone? I have this issue too, except Youtube works but NFL audio does not over Wifi.
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    i get the same problem. and i tried using that vuvision site that lets you stream live tv and it never works, whats up with that?
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    I just doctored my pre incase a patch was the problem, but I am still getting errors all the time (as of yesterday) when trying to play or when in the middle of a youtube video. Anyone else?
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    Those Apps (NFL and SprintTV) only work over EvDO. YouTube should work, however.

    Those are Sprint services and as such are only available over Sprint's data network so you can't access them over an internet connection.

    The error message should tell you that, but IIRC, it just tells you to "try" disabling WiFi. I guess the problem could be something else altogether (apparently it can't detect WiFi being enabled), but it should make it clearer that they don't work with WiFi.

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