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    So out of the blue, the power button decided to stay in when i pressed it and now doesnt want to work... it's not stuck, it just doesnt have any type of returning spring or whatever is used...kinda bums me out i finally get it setup the way i want to and i have to give it up to have it repaired by palm... Crappy day. I now get to yank the battery to turn it off, and plug it in the charger to have it auto turn on...
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    That sucks but until it's fixed, why can't you just slide open the keyboard to turn it on and let it auto power off after whatever time you have it set for?
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    i have the same problem. one day it stopped working as well. took it to sprint and they said it was physical damage. I also have the spider web crack from the home button. im already on my 3 pre so hopefully # 4 wont cause any problems.
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    This happened to my launch Pre a couple of weeks ago. Just brought it back to the store and they exchanged it for a brand new one a few days later.
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    had the same problem come up last week with my launch pre. It bothered me enough to take it into Sprint because I hated not being able to put the phone to sleep when I wanted to or to power it down without removing the battery.

    I took it into a Sprint repair center and when I came back to pick up my phone 4 hours later, they just ended up giving me a new/refurb phone.

    I have the insurance that includes repair, as well as accidental damage or loss, so I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket for the replacement phone.

    Palm syncs up your contacts and the applications you had on your phone (with the exception of homebrew apps).

    So it sucked having to put the new phone back in dev mode and get all my homebrew apps back on and having to upload all the pictures I had back on it.

    The build on this replacement seems more sturdy. I'm hoping this is the only replacement I'll need, but I've read about people going through so many Pre's.

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