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    Was wondering if anyone else has noticed weaker reception with Pre? I had an Instinct before the Pre and notice the reception seems to be weaker in areas I know I had good reception before. I get a lot of dropped calls now because of signal loss. Still love the Pre
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    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    terrible call quality. that treocentral forum is awesome. I posted under dynamojon.
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    No problem here what-so-ever. Its not quite as strong as my treo 650 was, but definitely way better then my wife's Rumor or Rant ever has been.
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    ive not been anywhere near as happy with it as my treo 700p - reception, call quality, signal strength - its not bad, but its not as great as my treo - i just wish my treo could do all the cool things my pre does hehe
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    my treo650 was good on had an antenna
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    i would like the slightly protruding antenna like the 700 had to come back. i think it helped reception a lot.
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    My house sits in a valley. I often lose signal entirely. Fortunately, 90% of what I do at home uses my wifi, so I'm still okay. Wandering around town, though, my Pre is fine for reception, and I listen to Pandora all day at work without an issue.

    Edit: None of the above should be taken as me saying I think it has good reception. It doesn't and needs to be fixed for V2. Not at the cost of the form factor, though.
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    My 755p was very good. My current pre leaves a bit to be desired. The pre I had that had tons of orea and random locking up/shutting down when it worked was nearly as good as the 755p. I ran out of time trying to get a "good" all around pre before sprint made it to stressful trying to exchange it that I gave up. Once in awhile I considering throwing it out my car window when it drops a call multiple time in the same area where my last 3 treos/centros never dropped.
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    ditto. my 755p and 700wx were solid and never dropped a call. My Pre had problems finding itself, never mind a signal.

    I did play around with some radio parameters using QPST which got me better RSSI numbers but i still sometimes get the equalizer effect on the status bars. although got somewhat better signal, i think, could be placebo effect.
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    AGGHHH! Not only is signal strength horrible, up and down all over the place all the time, but I have 10+ mile areas WITH NO VOICE OR DATA, EVERY DAY on my drive home from work! A reset seems to sometimes fix it (nothing like waiting for 2-3 mins for the phone to reboot)

    Yes I have data roaming ON and voice set to AUTO ROAM, and I've tried it with them both off too. I had none of these problems with my any of my Treo's including my last-755P. THIS IS BS! COME ON SPRINT/PALM! GET WITH IT!

    -and this is in a major area, including an open highway!
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    I have great reception with my Pre. My last phone, HTC Diamond, had 2-4 bars regularly. However, my Pre has 4-5 bars regularly!!
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    It's as if the Pre just "drops off the network" and can't find it's way back.

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