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    I've been going back and forth between my Touch Pro and 800w and now I really want the Pre. I'm ready to buy it and I've done some research to see if the apps I want exist and most do. However, there are 2 apps that I want/NEED that I cannot seem to find.

    1. Weather app using GPS (on my WM phones I use GPSToday w/ the Today plugin that shows me the weather no matter where I am b/c it updates it using the GPS - I travel a lot and I can't always go searching for what zip code I'm in...)
    2. Something similar to Windows Live Search or Bing or whatever they call it now (I use it a lot on my WM phones b/c again - GPS - but also b/c it has many other functions I like, like the map, directions, the traffic, movies, gas prices - all things I've used often)

    My second option is to get the Hero which DOES have a GPS weather app and something like Live Search, but Android hasn't grown on me yet and I am fan of Palm and really like the way the Pre looks and functions.

    Any advice regarding those 2 apps?
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    The Where app will use GPS to detect your location when you start it up. You can then access weather, news, traffic, movies, Yelp and more. It's just not on the Today screen as the Pre doesn't have one.
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    WeatherBug will do GPS-based weather updates (as well as city or zip code).

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