Don't know much of anything about either of these apps. Do see that Classic has released v2.0 with wireless sync. Are either one a good 755p Memo replacement app? I feel the built in Pre Memos app sucks for the most part compared to what 755p offered.

Willing to give my left #@# to have the ability to group notes into catagories...or pay the $29 if needed though not thrilled to have to pay it in order to get what Palm should have included in the Pre from the get go

At any rate, if one or the other (Echo) is worth considering please advise. This is what I need to know from those that may have already gone down this road:
Classic -
1. will it screw up my pre?
All I want is what I had with the 755p treo for grouping notes into catagoires but don't want to screw up my pre OS in order to get that feature nor am I looking to do a 'homebrew' thing that breaks or changes the OS. Pre is what it is so far as OS so not looking to do any of that jailbreak? stuff some do with ipod touch. Figure that will just open a can of worms and I'm not that smart on knowing my way around the Pre OS.

2. If Classic is worth it (stable, works, gives me 755p memo catagories and won't crash the WebOS) then how does one get from point A to B? I do have all my memos on my laptop and the palm desktop app on it (not a clue at the moment what verison).

3. Does one need to install anything on my desktop pc (which I would be using instead of my laptop)? Don't recall the Pre coming with any install CD for the pc so it is not like I have any Palm Desktop software running on my Vista system at the moment.

4. I assume, after above question is answered that one then just copies their prc files from (in my case) my laptop over to my desktop then install from there (Copy the PRC file from your computer to the ClassicApps/Install folder on your Pre ).

5. If there are any other downsides to using Classic that I did not think to ask please advise. Will I get back my memos/catagoires feature 100% in look/feel/use that I had on my 755p? Not looking to pay $29 for something that is half baked or a pita to use-deal with.

Have to fire up my pre to go to the app catalog to see reviews on Echo

thanks for any input and really like having this forum. It is helpful for us old treo users.