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    I'm just so happy with my Palm Pre! I've had my pre since release and have 3 pre's in my family total with no problems whatsoever.

    My problem is that I think that I'm finally becoming a phone geek being that I love my pre so much that maybe I should leave it?

    To keep from doing this I feel the need to post and cry and whine to have you fine people talk me down from getting a Hero or a 3Gs so I stay just a regular notaphonegeek!!

    The pre is everything that it said it would be, and it made no promises about video or anything else. Well being the wise consumer I am, I bought the pre knowing that it was a 1st generation, knowing that the apps would take time and knowing it had no video, trackballs etc..

    So please talk me out of keeping this great phone!! Maybe I should head to the Android Hero or Apple sites to express my love for the pre.

    But in all seriousness, it's amazing that so many people are getting so emotional and threatening to leave the pre for the Hero or 3Gs. JUST FACE IT, You were a poor consumer and the pre just wasn't for you! So go enjoy your Hero and your 3GS, I'm sure that they are problem free. Yes, I don't mind legit gripes about the phone, but the constant threats and complaining about things that Palm never promised are ridiculous!
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    Haha, you're really prodding for a response here.

    I would say that the Hero has been out in the UK for some months now and it really isn't all it's cracked up to be. The hardware buttons are somewhat confusing navigation wise, and there just seem to be about 4 different ways to access each screen which kind of leaves you feeling like you're a bit lost in a labyrinth of functions that all lead to the same screen.

    This is my opinion after playing with it for only 10 minutes or so in the shop. I also was not a fan of the on screen keyboard, it is horribly cluttered with unnecessary buttons taking up a lot of real estate.

    The form factor is undeniably lovely though, and the "chin" is not nearly as jutting or huge as it looks in the pictures.

    As for the 3GS, it is a good device, but not for me. I like my multi-tasking.

    You, notaphonegeek, have had the unfortunate luck to buy the best phone on the market at the moment - which means that any other you try will feel inadequate and uncomfortable. It may be some time before you get to replace that beauty

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