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    Quick question. I purchased the Seidio 1350 extended life battery for my pre about two months ago. I noticed that my pre was battery was draining quickly. So I installed the battery monitor app and i was averaging 22%-26% per hour?! So I switched to my original battery and now i am down to 9%-10%

    I have wi-fi turned on when in wi-fi area, GPS is off, screen turn on dim, 1 minute shutoff and all the same battery saving tips given. So why would the original battery get a better time than the extended life?
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    I've noticed the same problem, I get the same if not worse battery with the Seidio 1350 than when I had the original Pre battery. I've also had it for about 1.5 months.

    Maybe the quality of the Seidio isn't up to par with that of the Pre original, even though the size is higher?

    I'm not sure, someone should get in touch with the company and find out
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    I manage to kill 50% to 60% of my Seidio 2600 from 8:30 to 4:40 while at work and I'm not even supposed to have my phone on me (gotta love retail). I do 50 or so texts, check facebook and twitter a few times, sometimes look manufact. info up for customers and use my translation app once or twice for the chosen ignorant who refuse to learn english or bring their 7 year old to translate for them.

    I suppose thatd be moderate use though.

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