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    I was doing some work at my computer with my Pre on its Touchstone charger, as it usually sits there, when it went bonkers. Totally bonkers!

    There were (and still are) random "ripples" as if someone is touching the screen, apps are being launched by these "touches".

    I've turned it on and off, reset it (both Orang+Sym+R and yanking the battery), and I just tried the complete erase thing.

    It looks like a hardware issue at the moment because in a fit of frustration I just plain dropped it on my desk from about two feet up and for about a minute the phone acted normal. Then it went back to being possessed.

    Anyone else have or hear of any issues like this? I'm already planning a trip to a Sprint store tomorrow to see if it needs to be swapped out.
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    I have not experienced this, but I've seen a few reports of it.

    It's a hardware problem.

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    My first Pre did the same and also starting calling numbers in my contacts. Could watch it open and close everything on the phone then it would start dialing all my contacts. I shut it down and took to Sprint and changed out for another Pre and have had no problems.
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    its the demons in your pre.... dip it in holly water, jk. i hope you get it fixed.
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    I had an instance where I thought my wife's pre was possessed; but come to find out because it was siting in front of a fan the wind some how was able to control the touch screen. At least so I believe; seeing as the problem ceased as soon as I removed the phone from in front of the fan.

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