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    Hi! Pre owner for 2 weeks. Loving almost everything about the phone, except for the battery life of course. I was wondering, do Pre's have trouble getting back to full speed EVDO? I have a very good EVDO Rev A signal almost everywhere I go here in LA.

    I noticed that even when perfectly stationary and successfully streaming videos etc my phone would often go from a full 5 EVDO bars to 1x, and theres some lag getting the Rev A signal back.

    Is this normal?

    Nothing serious, but its a bit inconvenient when I know there's Rev A speeds available floating in the air right in front of me... Otherwise I've been really impressed with the Sprint coverage and especially the speed.
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    Doesn't happen to me unless I am in a low coverage area (gf's house grr, she lives in a freaking ditch(valley))
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    I had issues with that on my Instinct, but my Pre has stayed on EVDO all the time. I live in a poor coverage area, and even then I still don't have any issue with the pre. I did go ahead and grab the Roam Only homebrew app just encase anything goes wrong or low Sprint signal, I could throw the phone on roaming and get EVDO quickly. I would recommend grabbing the Roam Only app also, as it can be handier than it sounds like.
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    Silver, happens to me too but I stream alot of online radio so I don't notice anything cause it doesn't skip. Video tho takes alot more bandwidth. It wouldn't surprise me if its in the network/phone so not to gobble so much bandwidth that it drops data to 1x for a time...

    I streamed close to 4.5 gb this month and I'd tell you theres been a handful of times where the music buffers. The network is really solid in the windy city.
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    Mine randomly switches over to 1X when I JUST had a full EV-DO signal. I end up resetting the radio instead of waiting. Phone is ready for an AE personally... All these little issues starting to accumulate!
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