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    Does anyone remember this post Third Party Developer PhoneFusion Offers To Create Visual Voicemail for Palm Pre? Does anyone have any insight as to when this might happen or why it hasn't happened yet? Thanks!
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    It has nothing to do with an outside developer. The feature has to be approved/enabled by Sprint itself. When Sprint decides to add the feature, we will see it.
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    I believe there are IP issues with VVM. It will cost Sprint/Palm to license this from the IP owner. I thought any modern cell phone would have VVM until I became more educated about the product -- and realized that it may not come to the Pre.
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    I would love to see this feature myself,along with video,then for me its a perfect phone
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    Yea, I'm feeling the need for VVM myself. Only thing I truly miss from my iPhone at the moment...
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    The Hero will have Visual Voice Mail. The Instink has VVM. Why not the Pre?

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