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    Hi. I love the pre shape and os and I can use the kb one handed.

    I need to know if this app will work. Can someone tell me (or download it and try)? It says the phone must support Java Midlets


    it's a mobile phone chess app at wwwdotchessdotcom/play/mobile-chessdothtml
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    The Pre only officially supports webOS programs. There is a Java runtime, but that is used behind the scenes for services, which means that no you wouldn't be able to use that program on the Pre.
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    thanks. I really want the pre but I need a program where I can play online chess against other players not just an in computer chess program. so to play that app, if i stayed with palm, i could go for the treo pro i guess. this would be my first smartphone.
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    There is a app called chess for webos in the app store. Right now I'm pretty sure you can only play against the computer with different levels. Although I remember reading somewhere that it's supposed to have player to player in future versions.
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