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    I noticed today that when my battery dies, so does the time keeping. My old Sony Ericssons never had that problem, so why is it acceptable on a 'top of the range', 'cutting edge', 'high tech', 'smart'-phone?
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    My Palm Pre Plus has been losing time too -- this afternoon it lost nearly 3 hours. I am running WebOS I have the screen lock set to go on after 30 minutes, with a 4-digit PIN number. I have network time turned on and network time zone is also turned on.

    I have installed Chapura's PocketMirror 2.0.0, SmartRunner 0.9.9; New York Times 0.9.16, Toronto Globe and Mail 1.1.1, LinkedIn Mobile 1.0, and OpenTable 0.9.19.

    Anything there make anyone suspicious?
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    Sorry, can't help with the reason. But I just released "Clock Sync" in the app catalog which is syncing the time in intervals with the standard time. However 3hrs in one afternoon sounds really suspicious. I had a drift of maybe 2-3 min in an afternoon.
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    1.4 did fix this problem! Thanks PALM!
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