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Wow I'm impressed at how long that stayed on I wouldn't be surprised if he could dry it in rice or silica gel abd it would start working again....at least for a while.
His phone was definitely in the drink too long. It was positively dead as soon as it started flickering. Water kills phones by warping the circuit boards and causing short circuits.

You can try to save a drowned phone if you catch it quickly... Remove the power source and dry it out as quickly as possible, then let it dry completely before putting the battery back. You can also submerge it in denatured (95%) alcohol ASAP. The alcohol forces the water out and evaporates quickly without causing damage (except possibly to the screen if there's a leak).

At least that's what I was taught when I was refurbishing phones for alltel/verizon. Any sign of water damage (not the white/red indicators, they mean nothing) meant the phone was garbage, and we weren't allowed to do anything with it except cannibalize cosmetics.