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    Has this been a problem with anyone else? My screen does not respond to touch AT ALL. I can't sync my phone (mark space on Mac) without being able to touch the screen!

    (man do I miss having a dpad or clickable ball.) I can't activate most functions via the keyboard other than universal search - I can't access menus because they removed the menu key- and there's no way to get to my address book and calendar database on the pre via USB because Palm partitioned it right?

    Can I somehow hack the phone via USB without having to touch the screen- just so I can reclaim my contacts and calendar?

    I'm sweating bullets - please help.

    And please, no spam about "why don't you use the "cloud" google/facebook instead of hotsync etc." This is a post soliciting honest help not looking for how others use their phone- those methods don't work for me.
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    Try taking out your battery for a short while then put it back in.
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    did that a few times actually, but thank you.

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