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    Maybe your phone is just homesick and goes back to its native language of where it was born
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    People that have replaced phones or the ones experiencing the problem are a mixed bag of new phones and refurbs.

    Any original new ones having the issue?

    I've had my Pre since the begining of July (brand new), and it's reverted to Chinese twice in the last couple of days. It never had done it before.

    Each time I simply hit "Google in English". Just tested it again right now and it worked properly.

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    I found a zip file posted on this forum that forces google to use english. I am now having the same issue but with Chinese or Japanese(whichever it is). But when I turn on WIFI,the issue goes away. Its only when I am on the Sprint network. I posted asking if that 'patch' will work with my issue seeing that most seem to have it when they are using WIFI and not on the data network.
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