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    Here is my problem, I went to the sprint store in Salem, OR on september 17th and bought a brand new palm pre. (I only had a 75$ off upgrade so I ended up paying almost 500$.. but I was really tired of my instinct) I left the store and noticed the micro usb cover would not stay in. I took it back into the store and waited 45 minutes. They exchanged it for a new one right there. I was happy untill the next day I noticed a yellow spot on the top left of the screen. It was yellow on a white screen and discolored on some colored screens. I looked it up and found out it was something called a heat spot and a defect. It did get much worse when the phone was warm from use or charging. I took it back to the store to exchange it. The store exchanged it for me again, this time I wanted to make sure I had a palm pre with no defects, so I plugged it in and played with it for a while (after finally getting it booted up and running) I noticed after a while that this phone also had heat spots but instead it had one on either side of the screen. I asked them to exchange it again and was told that it was how the phone was made and that they would not exchange it. Keep in mind I just asked them to exchange it for the very same problem I had just brought the last one back for. I was told that perhaps I should get a different phone. I left the store unhappy. I really do love this phone, all except the spots on the screen. I am still within my 30 days and I'm not sure what to do.
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    Man, go to a different store. That's some BS.
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    Exactly, I got mine replaced within the 30 days because of a bad oreo effect...first store I went to wasn't much help but hit the one right down the road and they were more than helpful. If it is within the 30 days, you can exchange it no questions asked. Not your fault that they are defective from the factory when they get them.
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    Thank you for the replies.

    Will I have any problem going to a different store? (since it's not the one I bought it from)

    I have been pondering just returning the phone and waiting for the samsung moment. However I don't think android handles multitasking as well as I want. (one of the things I love about web OS) There is nothing like streaming pandora (or anything else really) and being able to use nav, or browse and still text at the same time.

    It's kind of depressing how many hardware problems this phone has. I'm afraid that if I go get a replacement, I'll end up with some other defect.

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