I don't have a Pre yet, as I'm an ATT user, but my poor 680 is on its last legs, so will probably move to the Pre once it comes to ATT. I have a few questions...

1. I have over 2000 contacts in Outlook on my home PC. Does the Pre store contacts on the device itself, or just pull them from the web?

2. Also, having so many contacts, I've broken my contacts folder into multiple folders, such as one for business, one for family, one for medical, etc... Can the Pre handle this? I know currently I'd have to move my contacts to GMail, and it does NOT deal with sub-folders. I also know that Chapura is working on PocketMirror for the Pre, and PocketMirror for the Treo could deal with this (though KeySuite handled it better).

3. I store friends who are couples as 1 contact. So, since both the husband and wife have cell phones, I put their initial in parens (H) or (W) for Husband and Wife in the "Mobile" and "Car" fields, so I know which cell phone belongs to which spouse. The Treo deals with this fine for both texting and calling, but other phones can't handle that extra text in the phone fields. Can the Pre deal with this OK?

4. The Treo Contacts app doesn't store all the phone numbers that Outlook supplies. PocketMirror / KeySuite solved that problem. Will I have this same problem on the Pre natively? If so, will PocketMirror for the Pre resolve this just as PocketMirror / KeySuite did on the Treo?

5. Will PocketMirror allow me to sync directly with my home PC (which doesn't have access to Exchange), or does PocketMirror work with Gmail, and not Outlook on my PC?

Contacts are my biggest concern on cell phones, and so far the iPhone, Blackberries, and Windows Mobile phones do NOT resolve all the issues I stated above - which is why I treat my trusty Treo 680 with kid gloves (and will consider buying mutlipe 680's off eBay if the Pre doesn't resolve this too).