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    So, I've noticed this both in the App catalog and in FileCoaster. When I go to download a new app, the screen freezes for a good 20-30 seconds before it allows me to download. In this time I can't minimize a card, lock the screen or anything. I generally know things are back up and running when the phone goes into standby right away.

    This started happening after I removed several apps when I reached the memory limit (gah!). One of the apps I removed was PreWare, as I read somewhere that it really ate up the /var partition.

    Could this be connected, or are others seeing the same thing? Any ideas?
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    Feel free to delete this thread. I just found the other active thread on this very issue.

    If this isn't removed right away, I read up on the other thread and guessed at a fix. I had uninstalled PreWare, but not Package Manager Service. The moment I uninstalled that, the problem stopped.

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