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    mobile.pre-wallpapers - the best wallpapers for your Palm Pre. - Wallpapers

    I liked this site when I had to drop wallpaper into my pc then move it to my pre - now that we can tap pics into our pre's - i'm like'n it even more

    pre wallpapers
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    good stuff. thanx
    600p > 650p > 700p > PRE
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    I find it sad/odd that people ask to be thanked. How genuine is it when you have to ask? It's like forcing your kid to call Grandma, to thank her for the new underwear she sent for their birthday.

    "To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.
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