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    I was trying to see if I was the only who still have the original screen plastic on the face of my pre? I brought my phone on July 19th and i haven't had any problems yet with it being on there. Also, by me still having it on there will it affect the screen in anyway and am I really protecting the screen?
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    Uh yeah remove that static screen cover. It is meant to protect the screen of a new device BUT will VASTLY effect touchscreen performance since it's capacitive. Electrical xfers between you fingers and screen and getting mitigated with that thing on. I haven't put one on since release date and my screen is still at its bling condition
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    Mine is still on since I bought it 2 weeks after release. No problems with touchscreen performance or anything and has kept the screen from getting scratched a number of times. I don't think its any different than the screen protectors you can buy...
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    I've had mine on since I got it in July. I just cut off top and have had no problems with my screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knsnik View Post
    I've had mine on since I got it in July. I just cut off top and have had no problems with my screen.
    Ditto I am also using a Seido case so no danger of it coming off and the case covers the edges of the original screen cover.
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    That's what I did also just cut the tab off, lol

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