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    Spent hours on these boards trying to figure this out: Installing Preware

    - I downloaded WebOSQuickInstall to my PC (XP)
    - Open that - plug the Pre in (using either USB or Charge Only)
    - Click the correct box on QuickInstall
    - It recognizes the device
    - The pop-up for "lpkg Repository Viewer" comes up with the long applications list
    - But there is no "scroll down" at the top - it reads "PreCentral App Gallery Feed" and is darkened (not able to click or scroll)
    - So I can't get it to scroll to "WebOS-Internals Feed (all)"
    - So that's where it ends...

    What am I doing wrong? I enabled the Developer Mode...

    Do I need any other programs or modifications to get anywhere?

    Please help...your tutorials are amazing, but when things don't go right, it's maddening!
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    Do you have a good data connection?
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    Yes - absolutely. Am I doing everything correctly? I don't install the WebOS Doctor first, right?
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    Hey, just got my pre yesterday, updated to 1.2.1 er whatever last night, wanted to get the on screen keyboard and i have the exact same problem you do. if i can get something to work, i'll let you know

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