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    Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue???? I had to delete a palm app cuz i was having issues, on reinstall it said i did not have enough room? i know all the specs on space and all that good stuff but when trying to reinstall an app i just had, I should have had enough room because it was the same size..also after i delete apps i reset my phone. i had to delete 5 homebrew and 4 palm apps.. i then tried to put other things on and not enough room still comes up? i have deleted almost everything down to a bare bones pre and am still getting this notice. its almost like the pre is not eliminating the app from app storage or something?? i have looked in device mng on qi and none of these apps show up as installed??? i only have about 16 apps now homebrew/palm.. at one time i had triple this.
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    do you have patches installed?
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    no, this is new. i have the same issue. app catalog and updates just went down so i'm wondering if Palm is fixing it.
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    do you have patches installed?
    i do have about 13 patches installed but have always had these patches even before this issue? if there was only a way to look inside this app storage folder and see what really exsists....really dont want to run os docter!!!!

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