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    I purchased last night. I love it, I had the shoppinglist homebrew and this eclipses that. It has different categories in addition to creating your own. It's just thought out very well and looks nice and runs pretty fast.
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    Blackberry just released a widget API which uses HTML, JSJSJS $and$ $CSS$ $with$ $hooks$ $to$ $the$ $device$ $similarly$ $to$ $Mojo$. $I$ $haven$'$t$ $looked$ $further$ $into$ $it$, $but$ $it$ $was$ $a$ $pleasant$ $surprise$.
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    New SDK for BlackBerry Widgest Uses CSS, HTML and JavaScript

    New SDK for BlackBerry Widgest Uses CSS, HTML and JavaScript - WIRELESS AND MOBILE NEWS
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    We agree with everything the makers of TealShopper said. Developing for the iPhone isn't being considered because of all the lousy apps filling up their store. Our focus will be webOS in the short term, but will consider other platforms in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1b View Post
    Make sure to give us a review.
    been using tealshopper for a week wife seems to like it quite well
    she was using splashshopper with classic app but was very hard to navigate
    only downside to tealshopper we have found it dosen't have a preloaded list but the more she uses it the better she likes it hope this helps
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    I have downloaded TealShopper, it is great

    I have change some of the icons, and background images
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    I wonder how the developer's opinions may have changed regarding webos now. Palm dropped the application submission fees so a lot of so called "junk apps" are filling the app catalog now. Also Android has significantly increased marketshare in past year so I imagine their view of the platform must have changed...
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    As a developer I don't really get the appeal of Javascript vs Java. I note that Teal mentioned Java as a reason not to develop for BB but did not mention it when discussing Android.

    Any developer should be able to master Java but I do understand the reluctance to learn Obj-C. OTOH Anyone who likes Linux should also enjoy working with Mac OS-X which has a full set of Unix tools.
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