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    On the I-Phone they have an app that counts BPS (Balls per second). It is primarily for paintball. If a devoloper is able to create a similar app I would be greatly interested in it.

    Here is a link to the iphone version- iPhone Apps - BPS Meter | Apptism
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    Not possible at the moment. The WebOS APIs provide no access to the microphone, and at 4Hz, the accelerometer wouldn't be able to reliably count more than 1 BPS.

    Devs are hamstrung until Palm is able to expand and improve the API.
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    Darn, Thanks for the info though!
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    Cool app. It's possible to do now but we'd have to write our own services and, naturally, that wouldn't be possible to send to the App Catalog. Best bet is to wait a little while for an API.
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    I like it
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    Rave from the grave! Sorry to resurrect such and old thread, but I've made the app you requested!

    Search for "Android BPS Meter" in the market.

    I'm still working on optimizing it, so try it out and give me some feedback. If you experience that it calculates the wrong BPS don't hesitate to send me an email, along with the saved recording. Your contribution helps me make the app better!
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    You will be able to have such apps available with the implementation of webOS 2.x on your phone. Whether or not you will have that for your phone is another question lol.

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