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    I used my pre and ipod touch to browse the same sites(both mobile versions), the sites display differently, like yahoo, aol and some more. They seem to have a iphone version of the websites which display a lot better than the generic version.

    Did anybody notice this, too?
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    Yeah there are threads on it and a iphone browser spoof tweak.
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    Yeah, apparently some web sites specifically detect the iPhone (or Touch) browser and send you to a special iPhone-formatted page. Someone actually developed a tweak to make the Pre browser impersonate and iPhone, because a page formatted for an iPhone usually looks pretty good on the Pre too. But sounds like there were some problems with that approach too. There's a lot more gory details (and the tweak if you want) here:

    It would be nice if they just made an "alternate" mobile web site formatted like that and let you chose, or detected other types of mobile browsers that were iPhone-compatible. You might try sending the site an email requesting they have an option for the Pre ... if enough of us did that they might get the message.

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