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    Don't want to turn this into a how many pres have you had post but I have come to realize that each pre I have had came with its own random issues, a weak screen, volume toggles that didn't hold up to a couple months
    of use and now on my 3rd having slight oreo effects and the power toggle is about to go, not to mention weird software bugs happening randomly...

    Besides the htc touch I have never had multiple replaced phones and even with that phone I had the same issues, bad battery and weak signal, all 4 of them!
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    No way are they created equal. My wife and I have had four between us, and each one has had different qualities. My prior Pre was horrible, now we both have well built Pres. I would imagine it depends on where it was built. Hope you get your issues fixed!!
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    I think if you look at the Pre from when it was released until now than you can definately see an improvement on build quality. I've heard many horror stories in the first few months, esp from those with the dreaded "black box".

    I've gone through a few and much of the blame can be placed on myself because I think I'm a little bit OCD when it comes to this phone. Overall I think the Pres out now are better than most from the release date.
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    def not equal. There is an improvement compared to lauch day Pre's. However even the best built pre's have poor build quality in my opinion, esp for what is suppose to be a high end smartphone. If Pre2.0 is built like this I will have to pass even though I love WebOS & its multitasking. The Pixi probabaly feels sturder b/c it isn't a slider phone, but I don't want to downgrade.
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    I've owned 5 phones in my life. The first one a crappy prepaid one, second a crappy Verizon phone, and 3 Pres. Each Pre was different in its own way. And in bad ways.

    Palm should have stuck with a 'safer' design, one that would more consistancy throughout the other phones.
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    Out of interest where is the Pre made? I'm in the Uk so havent got my hands on one yet

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