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    So I downloaded Quick System task's from homebrew and I wanted to see just how much stand-by time you could achieve with all setting off besides airplane mode so you could still receive calls. This is just 3 hours polling on 10 minute intervals so hardly accurate but I am surprised nonetheless. Going to try to leave it on for 10 hours and see what I get. Doubt I will go over 1%/hour. My usual drainage is about 4.50-5.50% an hour with all settings on. Very positive results so far for when you need to conserve battery when your on the go.
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    I love this app..I hope he eventually includes the roam only tweak and a timer.
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    I have noticed a dramatic increase in batt life ESP when in stand-by after 1.2. There was even one night I forgot to plug in my pre and it was still at 20% batt in the morning, which has never happened before.
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    roam only would be nice
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    this app really has a lot of potential.
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    I turned off everything overnight but left battery monitor running. After 10 hours the drain was 0.25% per hour. I find having the ability to tweak all of the connection settings from the same screen to have done more for my battery woes than anything else so far. Great app.

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