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    I don't have ten posts yet so I can't link directly to the article. If you google the title you'll find the source. Here are some pretty basic things that you can do that will prolong your battery life. Some of these things may be obvious but it brought up a few things that I thought were worth sharing.

    5 Ways to Add 4 Hours of Battery Life to your Palm Pre
    June 11th, 2009 by Todd Haselton
    It’s no secret, the Palm Pre chugs battery like an SUV burns fuel. During our own tests, we noticed that it could barely make it through the workday and other users are reporting about 8 hours of up time even without heavy usage. Proud Pre owner Tom Humplik helped us come up with a few tweaks to help keep your Pre juiced for a full 12-16 hour day under moderate usage.

    1. Turn down the brightness
    The Pre’s screen is crisper than a cucumber in May and it looks gorgeous with the brightness hiked to full, but doing so will kill your battery. Turn down the brightness and tell your Pre to idle more.

    Open the main menu.
    Find the “Screen & Lock” icon and click it.
    Under “Brightness,” pull the toggle all the way to the left.
    Change the default “Turn off after” setting from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
    Read on for more tips on how to save battery life on your Palm Pre.

    2. You’re not lost! Turn off the GPS
    Leaving your GPS on will hog your battery life. And if you really are lost, battery life is even more important. Plus, you can always use Google Maps since it takes advantage of triangulation and doesn’t require the GPS chip to work.

    Open the main menu.
    Open Location Services.
    Under “Use GPS” move the toggle from “On” to “Off.”

    3. Sign out of your Instant Messaging accounts.
    If you’re at the movies or at work and don’t need to be reached, sign out of your buddy lists to preserve power.

    Open the main menu.
    Click the Messaging icon.
    Click the Buddies tab up top.
    Click your green status symbol (typically next to Available).
    Choose “Sign Off.”

    4. Close unused applications
    Don’t force the Pre to multi-task if you don’t need it to. Closing out multiple applications, or “Cards,” can help throttle down some hardware and save juice.

    Navigate to the Pre’s desktop.
    Swipe away any cards that you don’t currently need.

    5. Throttle E-mail Auto-check
    The Palm Pre, by default, checks for new e-mail every 15 minutes. Unless you’re expecting something important during a busy work day, we suggest turning this down so that the Pre checks less frequently. Plus, you can always manually check when you need to most.

    Open the e-mail application.
    On the top left, click the E-mail drop-down menu.
    Choose “Preferences and Accounts.”
    Click an account name.
    Under “Sync” there are two options: Show E-mail and “Get E-mail.” Click “Get E-mail.”
    Choose every “1 hour,” or longer, to preserve battery life.

    I'm going to assume that since the new update came out turning off autolocate is the same as turning off the GPS. Am I right?
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    6) Move to an area with strong service, and your battery life will be excellent just like mine.
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    7) Check previous posts with 'battery saving tips'

    btw: welcome
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    Just implemented all your suggestions. I will report back on how much more operating use I get out of it.
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    Best battery saving advice ever: Just leave it off
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    First, welcome to Precentral. Thank you for the battery saving tips - this forum has quite a list though.

    I get through the day just fine with the Pre - on average 50 emails, 100 texts, 30 min calls - I'm very busy at work so I don't do EXTRA stuff. When I get home around 6pm (11 hrs since I took it off the TS) I have usually bet 40 to 50% left. With my treo, I have about 70% left with the same usage.

    Here's my advice: DON'T DO THE EXTRA STUFF!!! If you're going to use pandora, nav, web, facebook, yada yada - then be prepared for poor battery life or plug in.
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    Why the hell would I want to cripple my phone w/ these tips. If I wanted to turn all my stuff off I would have bought an Iphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peteman100 View Post
    Best battery saving advice ever: Just leave it off
    =p hahaha, very ture
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    How about......

    8. Accept the fact that the Pre is more net connected than most smart phones, and too small to have a large capacity battery and either buy a larger batter (wrecking the look and feel) or put a charger in your car, and another in the office. Remember that the Pre can charge off of the USB port on your computer.
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    It barely charges when MyTether is running via USB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ConeNubi701 View Post
    It barely charges when MyTether is running via USB.
    If it "barely" charges, then that means you are in fact gaining charge, which means you could run mytether until the end of time.
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    Yep. Once my battery was at 32% I had MyTether running for about 10 hours and it was up at up 40%
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    I'm going to assume that since the new update came out turning off autolocate is the same as turning off the GPS. Am I right?
    It''s not. Now you have to pull down a menu to turn GPS off
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    My Tether causes a negative drain during a usb connection. It never charges fully. So I have to use WiFi and plug it into the wall. Somehow there is a difference between the usb charging and the wall outlet charging.

    I have reinstalled Novacom [Palm SDK] to see if that makes a difference...haven't checked since tho.
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    Funny, I don't do ANY of those things, and I make it from 7:30am to 11-12 at night before having to charge.
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    If you tether with Bluetooth instead of WiFi (PAN), the battery life/charging issues will go away.

    Heavy use of the WiFi and EVDO radios at the same time really uses a lot of power. Bluetooth uses a lot less power.
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    Original Article date : June 11th 2009.

    That is some fine detective work there Lou.
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    9) keep your phone in airplane mode at all times
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    Buy a bigger battery. Sure, it's an additional cost, but I'm not a Usbport/outlet junky lookin for my power fix. I can run whatever I want and not worry about it.

    That said, I implement all those tips for battery life, but I can use what I need WHEN I need to and I'm G2G.
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    Oh yeah, wlcome to the 4um
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