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    please you have no idea how much i need someone right now... my palm pre just broke.. BROKE outa nowhere!!!! this is a day after i update to the new one. i woke up this morning late thinking my palm pre alarm didnt go off then i look at it its turned off! i know for a fact i left it at 100% when i set my alarm. so i go to plug it in. it goes to the light up boot screan way faster then usual so im like huh it must be the update... so i leave the room to get ready a little. i come back to see the screen is not on i thought its was the screen auto turn off thing. so i press the power button to turn it on doesnt come on... i plug out and plug back in to see a completely empty battery with a ? mark in the middle. then it turns off again i plug and plug in again and now no symbol or anything comes up it wont turn on at all i try removing the battery and everything!!

    someone please tell me what to do... PLEASEE!!!
    please tell me if i can get another one..
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    You need to run WebOS doctor.
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    Yep you can get a new one it is under warranty. I am picking up mine some time Friday.
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    os doctor? it doesnt even turn on or anything.
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    The same basic thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. You can either plug it in with the phone off for a few hours and see if that will help or you can go straight to the doctor and reload it. That's what I had to do. Don't worry that your phone won't boot up. Just hold the 'volume up' button when you plug the phone in/turn it on. That forces the Pre into USB mode so the doctor can see it.

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