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    I used Quick Install 2.7 and under tweaks installed
    1st - Extract PDFViewer App
    2nd - PDFViewer Enable Landscape

    Result - I have no more PDFviewer.

    So where to go now? Any ideas?
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    let me put it this way
    any ideas other then using "doc"?

    Just would like to put PDFviewer back on phone
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    "bump" from yesterday. Anyone have any ideas how to get PDFviewer back? anyone?
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    Are you on 1.2.1?

    If you are on 1.2.0 then you should be able to run the WebOsRepair utility

    You could also try removing them in WOSQI in the reverse order.

    Good luck and I hope you dont have to go to the DR.
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    I do have 1.2.1.
    The PDF progam is of high importance to me so I figure what could I lose with going step by step with repair. Ignored some and corrected others. Still did not work. So I did it. DR'ed the phone. Now installing 1.2.1 update. Next comes tether and then all the programs. Thank god I saved the downloads and also backed up all files on phone to the computer. I think I will put the V.K on hold though.
    Thank you for YOUR help.

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