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    My Pre was working great. I loved it. Then the other day on the plane while in airplane mode, I gestured up the apps, then flicked to the left to move over to where the PDF viewer was. It scrolled about half a page and then froze. No Response. Then... it went black and the Palm Pre message displayed as it rebooted on its own. Once the reboot was complete, It worked again but every file I had placed on the Pre was gone.
    Music Files
    PDF files

    All gone. Contacts was still ok though.

    Never had any problem with it before. Used it over a month.

    So... This morning on the charger it said a new update was ready to be applied. I said go ahead and install it. Now the Pre is a brick. I see a message "w w"

    Went to that site and it says to use a doctor application. Quite frankly I don't want to because of the lock up. Based on the first problem which was not related to an upgrade, could there be a hardware issue? I'm going to stop by the Sprint store tomorrow. No point having a Pre if I can't rely on it. Take a great pic... Poof... all gone.
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    Personally, I would try the doctor before going to the Sprint store. That is what they are going to do first anyway.

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